David J Blehar

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We have shown that a reverse-phase concentrate generated from the effluent of preconditioned (PC) rabbit hearts evokes a cardioprotective effect in virgin acceptor hearts. With the use of a model of sustained (1 h) simulated ischemia in isolated, spontaneously contracting rabbit jejunum, our current aims were to 1) determine whether protective factor(s)(More)
INTRODUCTION Rapid diagnosis of volume overload in patients with suspected congestive heart failure (CHF) is necessary for the timely administration of therapeutic agents. We sought to use the measurement of respiratory variation of inferior vena cava (IVC) diameter as a diagnostic tool for identification of CHF in patients presenting with acute dyspnea. (More)
We have shown that the cardioprotective benefits of ischemic preconditioning (PC) can be transferred from PC to virgin acceptor hearts via coronary effluent transfusion, implicating the presence of hormonal preconditioning factor(s). Using isolated buffer-perfused rabbit hearts, our aims were to: (1) determine whether the protective factor(s) could be(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasound measurement of dynamic changes in inferior vena cava (IVC) diameter can be used to assess intravascular volume status in critically ill patients, but published studies vary in accuracy as well as recommended diagnostic cutoffs. Part of this variability may be related to movements of the vessel relative to the transducer during the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Noninvasive predictors of volume responsiveness may improve patient care in the emergency department. Doppler measurements of arterial blood flow have been proposed as a predictor of volume responsiveness. We seek to determine the effect of acute blood loss and a passive leg raise maneuver on corrected carotid artery flow time. METHODS In(More)
Many Emergency Departments (ED) use emergency ultrasonography of the right upper quadrant (RUQ) to capture images of the gallbladder in patients with suspected gallstones. It is unclear what impact this practice has on additional imaging performed by radiology. Patients were enrolled 24 h a day by ED residents and attending physicians who have completed an(More)
Existing guidelines for the number of ultrasounds required before clinical competency are based not on scientific study but on consensus opinion. The objective of this study was to describe the learning curve of limited right upper quadrant ultrasound. This was a prospective descriptive study. Ultrasounds collected over 1 year were reviewed for interpretive(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The incidence of skin and soft tissue infections has increased dramatically during the last decade, in part because of increased prevalence of community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (CA-MRSA). Incision and drainage is considered the primary intervention; however, some clinicians prefer ultrasonographically guided(More)
OBJECTIVES The incidence of posterior vessel wall puncture (PVWP) during central line placement with possible subsequent injury to structures lying behind the vein is unknown. At times the internal jugular vein lies immediately anterior to the carotid artery rather than lateral to it, leading to potential arterial puncture should the needle pass through the(More)
UNLABELLED Mammalian hibernation is mediated by humoral agonists of the delta opioid receptor (DOR). Moreover, transfer of either humoral or synthetic DOR agonists to non-hibernators reportedly induces a state of improved myocardial ischemic tolerance. OBJECTIVE To determine whether the DOR agonist D-Ala 2, D-Leu 5, enkephalin (DADLE) similarly elicits(More)