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The ability of intestinal mucosa to absorb dietary ferric iron is attributed to the presence of a brush-border membrane reductase activity that displays adaptive responses to iron status. We have isolated a complementary DNA, Dcytb (for duodenal cytochrome b), which encoded a putative plasma membrane di-heme protein in mouse duodenal mucosa. Dcytb shared(More)
In this report we describe a general survey of all helices found in 57 of the known protein crystal structures, together with a detailed analysis of 48 alpha-helices found in 16 of the structures that are determined to high resolution. The survey of all helices reveals a total of 291 alpha-helices, 71 3(10)-helices and no examples of pi-helices. The(More)
A "working definition" for an ion-pair has been derived based upon analysis of the distance distributions for like- and oppositely charged groups in 38 proteins. Ion-pairs defined according to this criterion (less than or equal to 4 A between charged groups) have been analysed in respect of: (1) the frequencies of different pair types; (2) the residue(More)
A simple method of predicting residue solvent accessibilities in proteins is described, with the intention that it should be used as a baseline by which more sophisticated approaches to prediction can be judged. Comparison with existing methods of predicting residue burial reveals that their performance is often little better than that of the baseline(More)
The study compared the pulmonary deposition of nebulised pentamidine when inhaled by way of different nebuliser systems by nine human-immunodeficiency-virus-positive patients with a history of previous Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia. Pentamidine, 50 mg or 300 mg, mixed with technetium-99m-labelled human serum albumin in a total volume of 3 ml, was(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of menopausal symptoms on the overall quality of life of women. DESIGN Data collection with a questionnaire administered by an interviewer, incorporating two different quality of life measurement techniques (time trade off and rating scale). SETTING Specialist menopause clinic and two general practices in Oxford. (More)
Protein antigenic determinants have been classified as continuous or discontinuous. The continuous determinants are composed of residues which are local in the polypeptide sequence, while discontinuous determinants consist of residues from different parts of the sequence, brought together by the folding of the protein to its native structure. Searches made(More)
A simple method is described to locate 'antigenic' peptides from the alpha-carbon co-ordinates of a protein, based on protrusion from the protein's globular surface. A good correlation is found between those parts of a protein which protrude and the experimentally determined antigenic peptides in myoglobin, lysozyme and myohemerythrin. A comparison is made(More)
Epidemiologic studies link Kaposi's sarcoma with a sexually transmitted agent. Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) is likely to be that agent, but routes of transmission are poorly described. A seroepidemiologic study was conducted to determine whether HHV-8 is transmitted sexually between heterosexuals. Sera from 2718 patients attending a sexually transmitted(More)