David Izrael

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Pregnant women and infants are at increased risk for influenza-related complications and hospitalization. Influenza vaccination among pregnant women can reduce their risk for respiratory illness and reduce the risk for influenza in their infants aged <6 months. Since 2004, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American College of(More)
UNLABELLED Estimates of geographic variation among states and counties in the prevalence of opioid prescribing are developed using data from a large (135 million) representative national sample of opioid prescriptions dispensed during 2008 by 37,000 retail pharmacies. Statistical analyses are used to estimate the extent to which county variation is(More)
Raking is a widely used technique for developing survey weights. It assigns a weight value to each sampling unit such that the weighted distribution of the sample is in very close agreement with two or more marginal control variables. For example, in household surveys the control variables are typically sample design and sociodemographic variables. Raking(More)
In analyzing data from a survey, researchers often need to compare the effectiveness of several logistic regression models. The receiver operating characteristic curve offers one way to measure effectiveness of prediction, by calculating the area under the curve (AUC). We present a SAS macro for calculating AUC that takes the survey weights into account.(More)
In one large survey project each record in the raw data set contains information from one survey form. At some point, Adenormalization@ of the data needs to be done transposing a multiple-record-per-object data set to a one-record-perobject data set that retains all raw variables from all data sources. The large dimension of the original data set requires(More)
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