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BACKGROUND Smoking has been reported to promote infertility. The zona pellucida plays an important role in fertilization and implantation. We report, for the first time, the effect of cigarette smoking on zona pellucida thickness of oocytes and embryos as one of the factors that may interfere with fertility. METHODS This study comprised 169 women, grouped(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate oxidative stress indices in follicular fluid (FF) by a novel thermochemiluminescence (TCL) assay and investigate the correlation between TCL and i.v.f. cycle parameters. DESIGN Prospective, cross-sectional study. SETTING I.v.f. Unit of an Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in a university-affiliated hospital. PATIENT(S) One(More)
p27 is a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor whose specific late G(1) destruction allows progression of the cell across the G(1)/S boundary. The protein is ubiquitinated by S-phase kinase-interacting protein-2 (Skp2) following its specific phosphorylation, and is subsequently degraded by the 26s proteasome. There is a direct relationship between low(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of oxidation of proteins and lipids, as measured by a novel thermochemiluminescence (TCL) analyzer, and to evaluate the correlation between TCL indices in seminal plasma and sperm parameters. DESIGN Experimental and prospective clinical studies. SETTING An infertility unit. PATIENT(S) One hundred forty-eight men(More)
BACKGROUND A transient state of azoospermia may occur due to toxic, environmental, infectious or iatrogenic conditions. Finding sperm in the ejaculate of such patients is often unpredictable and may be critical in IVF treatment. In the present study, the approach of pooling and cryopreservation of sperm is evaluated. Cryopreservation was performed in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare activity of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) and expression of their tissue-specific inhibitor (TIMP) in the follicular fluid of normally ovulating women and women with the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING IVF unit and endocrine research unit. PATIENT(S) Fourteen patients undergoing IVF treatment(More)
This study was undertaken to examine the efficacy for early prenatal diagnosis of uterine cavity lavage at the level of the internal os and to assess the rate of maternal contamination. In phase I, uterine cavity lavage was performed in 38 women scheduled for pregnancy termination between 6 and 12 weeks. In addition to short- and long-term cultures,(More)
Purpose : In recent years the infertile population applying for IVF treatments was changed and so the indications for performing intracellular sperm injection (ICSI). The aim of this study was to analyze predicting factors of our thawing cycles. Methods : From December 1998 to July 2001, 440 consecutive thawing cycles were performed. Patient characteristics(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP-3) expression in human stromal cell culture after P stimulation and the effect of conditioned medium from human embryo-epithelial cells coculture on its expression and activity. DESIGN Metabolic and endocrine studies on human tissue. SETTING In vitro fertilization (i.v.f.) unit and endocrine research(More)
The present study evaluated the association between oxidative parameters in embryo cryopreservation medium and laboratory and clinical outcomes. This prospective laboratory study was conducted in an IVF unit in a university-affiliated hospital with 91 IVF patients undergoing a frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycle. Following thawing, 50 μL of embryo(More)
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