David Ingram

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The National Institute on Aging (NIA) sponsored a workshop on September, 1999 to discuss the feasibility of establishing a program to evaluate potential intervention strategies to decelerate the rate of aging in mammals. The ultimate goal is to identify promising interventions in animals that might lead to clinical trials in humans. The participants(More)
Adverse event monitoring is a problem-oriented approach to clinical audit and health-care quality improvement, which was developed and has been widely used in the USA. Briefly explores the technique itself and its evolution. Presents experience gained from the widespread use of the approach in a British acute hospital, and results from one(More)
Stereotype hand movements are one behavioural manifestation of Rett syndrome, a neurodegenerative disorder resulting in severe mental retardation. They are neuropathological in origin, and constitute a barrier to the acquisition and exhibition of more developmentally appropriate behaviours, as well as posing a health risk for some individuals. The present(More)
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