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We challenge the misconception that Bloch-Redfield equations are a less powerful tool than phenomenological Lindblad equations for modeling exciton transport in photosynthetic complexes. This view predominantly originates from an indiscriminate use of the secular approximation. We provide a detailed description of how to model both coherent oscillations and(More)
Organizations pursuing development of their competences must balance the pursuit of mastery in the present against the potential of innovations that may enable success in the future. In the present, key competences can be identified as work practices essential to the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. These competences may be improved(More)
The development of modern, highly interactive AJAX Web applications that enable dynamic visualization of data requires writing a great deal of tedious "plumbing code" to interface data between browser-based DOM and AJAX components, the application server, and the SQL database. Worse, each of these layers utilizes a different language. Further, much code is(More)
The Society shall not be responsible for statements or opinions advanced in papers for discussion at meetings of the Society, or printed in its publications. The material is distributed by ISSS "AS IS" and with no warranties of any kind; ISSS disclaims any warranty of accuracy, completeness or timeliness. ISSS will not be held liable to the user or any(More)
For professionals at the beginning of the 21st century, much of the conventional wisdom on business management and engineering is founded in the 20th century industrial / manufacturing paradigm. In developed economies, however, the service sector now dominates the manufacturing sector, just as manufacturing prevailed over the agricultural sector after the(More)
We investigate how correlated fluctuations affect oscillatory features in rephasing and non-rephasing two-dimensional (2D) electronic spectra of a model dimer system. Based on a beating map analysis, we show that non-secular environmental couplings induced by uncorrelated fluctuations lead to oscillations centered at both cross- and diagonal-peaks in(More)
The goal of software engineering is to produce effective software systems efficiently. Software systems supporting businesses should effectively support people in doing their work, be it managerial or clerical, highly technical or highly social, exploratory or procedural. At the same time, the practices of software producing organizations should be designed(More)
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