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In 1993, Haeckel and Nolan published "Managing by Wire" in Harvard Business Review. This article provoked discussion jointly in the business strategy and information systems communities around strategic management, and the function of information systems in a rapidly changing business environment. In 1998 through 2000, the researchers worked with Haeckel in(More)
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We challenge the misconception that Bloch-Redfield equations are a less powerful tool than phenomenological Lindblad equations for modeling exciton transport in photosynthetic complexes. This view predominantly originates from an indiscriminate use of the secular approximation. We provide a detailed description of how to model both coherent oscillations and(More)
We propose a framework for designers of business organizations and designers of information systems that portrays three forms of " space " that mediate social interactions: physical space, social space and informatic space. The framework aids organizational designers and information technology designers to understand some of the complexities of enabling(More)
Organizations pursuing development of their competences must balance the pursuit of mastery in the present against the potential of innovations that may enable success in the future. In the present, key competences can be identified as work practices essential to the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. These competences may be improved(More)
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