David I Sommers

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Great strides have been made in developing psychosocial interventions for the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder over the last three decades, but more remains to be done. The National Institute of Mental Health Psychosocial Intervention Development Workgroup recommends three priorities for future innovation: 1) development of new and more(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors summarize points for consideration generated in a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) workshop convened to provide an opportunity for reviewers from different disciplines-specifically clinical researchers and statisticians-to discuss how their differing and complementary expertise can be well integrated in the review of(More)
Pigeons were trained to perform in a psychophysical procedure for determining luminance difference thresholds. After the psychometric data had stabilized, lesions were made in specific cell populations of the tectofugal visual pathway. In one group of pigeons, the lesions were confined to nucleus rotundus (Rt). In a second group, the lesions included not(More)
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