David I. Morais

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P rogressive hearing loss is a significant problem in all ageing populations. By the age of 80 years, nearly 50% of individuals have hearing loss that impairs their ability to communicate easily, leading to increasing social isolation. Progressive hearing loss in middle and late adulthood is considered multifactorial, with involvement of both genetic and(More)
Vascular malformations of the jaws can lead to disastrous complications, but there seems to be no consensus as to their treatment. The literature presents the pathophysiology and clinical aspects of these lesions, as well as the divergent views of the authors. Treatment by catheterization and embolization, with direct transosseous injection of(More)
We investigated whether the origin of primary inoculum of the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici can be inferred from evidence of adaptation to host cultivars. We compared the aggressiveness of two pathogen populations collected locally, the first considered as resident (collected from debris in a wheat cv. Soissons monoculture plot) and the second(More)
Some auto-immune systemic pathologies can first be detected through a very characteristic symptomatology which must be known for an early diagnosis. This is particularly the case with primary Sjögren syndrome (sicca syndrome). Based on a well documented case, this article is a review of the etiopathogenesis, symptomatology and investigation of the Sjögren(More)
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