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The nature and growth of vertical specialization in world trade
Dramatic changes are occurring in the nature of international trade. Production processes increasingly involve a sequential, vertical trading chain stretching across many countries, with each countryExpand
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The Variety and Quality of a Nation's Exports
Large economies export more in absolute terms than do small economies. We use data on shipments by 126 exporting countries to 59 importing countries in 5,000 product categories to answer theExpand
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Toward a Geography of Trade Costs
What are the barriers that separate nations? While recent work provides intriguing clues, we have remarkably little concrete evidence as to the nature, size, and shape of barriers. This paper offersExpand
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Transportation Costs and International Trade in the Second Era of Globalization
While the precise causes of postwar trade growth are not well understood, declines in transport costs top the lists of usual suspects. However, there is remarkably little systematic evidenceExpand
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Shipping the Good Apples Out? An Empirical Confirmation of the Alchian‐Allen Conjecture
Alchian and Allen show that a per unit transactions cost lowers the relative price of, and raises the relative demand for, high‐quality goods. We extend their theory, deriving a relationship betweenExpand
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Monopolistic Competition and International Trade: Reconsidering the Evidence
In this paper, we test some propositions about international trade flows that are derived from a model of monopolistic competition developed by Elhanan Helpman. We investigate whether the volume ofExpand
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Trade Responses to Geographic Frictions: A Decomposition Using Micro-Data
A large literature has shown that geographic frictions reduce trade, but has not clarified precisely why. We provide insights into why such frictions matter by examining which parts of trade theseExpand
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Have International Transportation Costs Declined
July 1999 While the precise causes of post-war trade growth are not well understood, declines in transport costs top the lists of usual suspects. However, there is remarkably little systematicExpand
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How Confident Can We Be in Cge-Based Assessments of Free Trade Agreements?
Computable General Equilibrium models, widely used for the analysis of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) are often criticized for having poor econometric foundations. This paper improves the linkageExpand
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Vertical Specialization and the Changing Nature of World Trade
A major feature of globalization has been the enormous increase in international flows of goods and services: countries are now trading much more with each other. In this article, the authorsExpand
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