David Hulme

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What determines poverty reduction? If we knew the answer to that, the poor would be millionaires. Poverty however we define it, and much rides on how we define it, has gone down in some parts of the world and gone up in others over the past half century. How did this happen, the ups and the downs? In the development discourse, the Holy Grail seems to be(More)
This paper describes a new important enhancement to Synote, the freely available, award winning, open source, web based application that makes web hosted recordings easier to access, search, manage, and exploit for learners, teachers and other users. The feature supports 'flipped' classrooms and allows students to ask questions through annotations on their(More)
This paper introduces a significant new multidisciplinary collection of studies of poverty dynamics, presenting the reader with the latest thinking by a group of researchers who are leaders in their respective disciplines. It argues that there are three main fronts on which progress must be made if we are to dramatically deepen the understanding of why(More)
It is the Policy of Cornell University actively to support equality of educational and employment opportunity. No person shall be denied admission to any educational program or activity or be denied employment on the basis of any legally prohibited discrimination committed to the maintenance of affirmative action programs which will assure the continuation(More)
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