David Holt

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Neurologic complications following kidney transplant are more common than in the general population with the reported incidence around 10-21%. Need for multiple drugs, decreased cellular immunity, accelerated atherosclerotic disease, and frequency of metabolic abnormalities are the most common predisposing factors for neurologic abnormalities. Neurologic(More)
The present chapter discusses Optimality-Theoretic approaches to language change in Spanish, reviewing a number of works that invoke not only the interaction of faithfulness and markedness constraints, but also the role of perceptual, cognitive, systemic and external influences on linguistic structure and change at the level of segment and segmental(More)
BACKGROUND The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a data-rich environment where information technology (IT) may enhance patient care. We surveyed ICUs in the province of Ontario, Canada, to determine the availability, implementation and variability of information systems. METHODS A self-administered internet-based survey was completed by ICU directors between(More)
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