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The stimulation of insulin vs. inhibition of glucagon secretion in relation to the antidiabetic action of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is not established. Here, the influence of a 4-wk increase in circulating GLP-1 by inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) on 24-h glucose and insulin and glucagon responses to breakfast was studied in subjects with(More)
This paper reports on our experience with the implementation of the Real-time Specification for Java on the Ovm open source Java virtual machine. We describe the architecture and main design decisions involved in implementing real-time Java on Ovm. We present the first use of Real-time Java in avionics in the context of control software for a ScanEagle(More)
One of the most powerful features of the real-time specification for Java (RTSJ) is the new memory management model based on scoped memory areas. This model allows programmers to ensure timely reclamation of memory and predictable performance, at the cost of an unfamiliar programming model. We report on experience using and implementing scoped memory areas.(More)
Titin is thought to play a major role in myofibril assembly, elasticity and stability. A single molecule spans half the sarcomere and makes interactions with both a thick filament and the Z-line. In the unit cell structure of each half sarcomere there is one thick filament with 3-fold symmetry and two thin filaments with approximately 2-fold symmetry. The(More)
The resistance of tissues to physical stress is dependent upon strong cell-cell adhesion in which desmosomes play a crucial role. We propose that desmosomes fulfil this function by adopting a more strongly adhesive state, hyper-adhesion, than other junctions. We show that the hyper-adhesive desmosomes in epidermis resist disruption by ethylene glycol(More)