David Hoffman

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Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been applied to many optimization problems successfully in recent years. The genetic algorithm (GAs) and evolutionary programming (EP) are two di!erent types of EAs. GAs use crossover as the primary search operator and mutation as a background operator, while EP uses mutation as the primary search operator and does not(More)
We will describe emerging accessible design issues, based on a second in-depth analysis of hundreds of accessibility issues documented in real projects, and a comparison of those results to a prior study of 1000+ accessibility issues. This poster will demonstrate recent trends in the top 20 UI design situations that are likely to pose problems for users(More)
Despite the prevalent use of group brainstorming for problem solving and decision-making within organizations, brainstorming sessions often lack focus and fail to produce quality ideas. We describe <i>Momentum</i>, a tool that elicits topic-oriented responses <i>prior</i> to a group brainstorm. In an exploratory study, we found qualitative differences in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the number of embryos stored at assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics in the United States and their current disposition. DESIGN A targeted survey instrument sent by the SART-RAND team to all medical practices providing in vitro fertilization services in the United States. RESULTS The SART-RAND team surveyed all 430 ART(More)
The Web application is increasingly a platform of choice for complex business software and online services. However, it remains a challenge to ensure that the Web application is easy, efficient, and effective for people with disabilities. Accessibility requires that users with disabilities, including those who are blind, have low vision, or have mobility(More)