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Varieties Of Social Explanation: An Introduction To The Philosophy Of Social Science
* Introduction Models Of Explanation * Causal Analysis * Rational Choice Theory * Interpretation Theory Variations And Elaborations * Functional and Structural ExplanationMaterialismEconomicExpand
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Realism in the social sciences
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Social wholes and parts
parts. Precisely the same notes or words can, simultaneously, be used to compose two different tunes or poems, by restructuring them in different ways. The point about spatially locatable items isExpand
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An Essay on Facts
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The Content of Social Explanation
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Explanation in the Social Sciences: Singular Explanation and the Social Sciences
Are explanations in the social sciences fundamentally (logically or structurally) different from explanations in the natural sciences? Many philosophers think that they are, and I call suchExpand
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John Searle’s The Construction of Social Reality
John Searle's The Construction of Social Reality is beguiling. It tempts one into an individualistic understanding of society and institutions, not by arguing so much as by telling a seeminglyExpand
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Action and its explanation
Book synopsis: David-Hillel Ruben's new book pursues some novel and unusual standpoints in the philosophy of action. He rejects, for example, the most widely held view about how to count actions, andExpand
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Arguments, Laws, and Explanation
I start 11). \\,a). of outlini~lg some of the standard counterexa~~iples to I-Iem-pel's account of fill1 explanation.. .. Tllese cor~nteresamples cluster around hvo difficulties: (A) irrelevance andExpand
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