David Heseltine

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BACKGROUND falls and related injuries are known to be a significant problem for older people. There is evidence that identifying and addressing individual risk factors can reduce the incidence of falls in the community but no evidence of the effectiveness of targeted risk factor reduction methods applied to hospital in-patients. OBJECTIVE to test the(More)
We studied four male patients with pituitary macroadenomas. Before treatment all had high serum FSH concentrations, but LH and testosterone were normal or subnormal; all patients were found to have large testes. All had had normal sexual function, and three patients had fathered children. After pituitary surgery there were decreases in serum gonadotrophins(More)
Seventy frail elderly patients attending a day hospital were studied to investigate the incidence of postural hypotension in control patients on no diuretic treatment (n = 30), patients on loop diuretics (frusemide) for mild cardiac failure (n = 20) and patients on thiazide diuretics for mild cardiac failure (n = 20). The results showed that patients on(More)
I Schiller KFR, Cotton PB, Salmon PR. The hazards of digestive fibre endoscopy. A survey of British experience. Gut 1972;13:1027. 2 Woods SDS, Chung SCS, Leung JWC, Chan ACW, Li AKC. Hypoxia and tachycardia during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: detection by pulse oximetry. Gastrointest Endosc (in press). 3 Lieberman DA, Wuerker CK, Katon(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine the effect of a multi-component, delirium prevention intervention on rates of incident delirium for patients admitted to specialist elderly care wards. DESIGN 'before' and 'after' study. SETTING three specialist elderly care wards in a general hospital. SUBJECTS older people admitted as emergencies. METHODS a multi-component(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that blood pressure falls postprandially in fit elderly subjects, the greatest changes occurring after meals with a high carbohydrate content. To evaluate the influence of the type of carbohydrate on postprandial blood pressure, the effects of equivalent energy content (2.4 MJ) high complex (starch) and high simple(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effects of community hospital care on independence for older people needing rehabilitation with that of general hospital care. DESIGN Randomized, controlled trial. SETTING Seven community hospitals and five general hospitals in the midlands and north of England. PARTICIPANTS Four hundred ninety patients needing rehabilitation(More)
A total of 15 elderly patients recovering from stroke were included in a random, observer-blind, crossover trial to investigate the effects of postprandial cardiovascular changes. Exercise capability, sitting and erect blood pressure and heart rate were recorded pre- and postprandially; a control group received water only. Exercise capability decreased(More)