David Heinrich

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Myeloid leukemia arises from leukemia stem cells (LSCs), which are resistant to standard chemotherapy agents and likely to be a major cause of drug-resistant disease and relapse. To investigate the in vivo properties of LSCs, we developed a mouse model in which the biologic features of human LSCs are closely mimicked. Primitive normal hematopoietic cells(More)
The peptidergic innervation of the human and guinea pig uterus was studied using immunohistochemical methods. Antibodies against several peptides were applied for the PAP-technique to stain peptidergic nerves specifically. These are located in the adventitia of large uterine vessels in the myometrium and smaller vessels of the myometrium and endometrium. A(More)
Recent reports have shown that upon expression of appropriate oncogenes, both stem cells and more differentiated progenitor populations can serve as leukemia-initiating cells. These studies suggest that oncogenic mutations subvert normal development and induce reacquisition of stem-like features. However, no study has described how specific mutations(More)
In 47 patients (dextran group: 32 patients, control group: 15 patients) undergoing laparotomy for microsurgical detachment of adhesions and tuboplasty, the complications of a repeated postoperative intraperitoneal instillation of 6% dextran 60 (5 days) were monitored. In the dextran treated group, abdominal pain and dyspnea occurred significantly more(More)
Es wird eine lichtoptische Methode zur Messung der Kinetik der Thrombocytenaggregation beschrieben, die sich von der von Born eingeführten Methode dadurch unterscheidet, daß die Meßcuvette in ein künstliches Kreislaufsystem eingeschaltet ist. Ein ebenfalls in den Kreislauf eingeschalteter Filter hält die entstehenden Plättchenaggregate zurück. Somit(More)
Hemolysis, leukopenia, a hemostatic deficit, and nonspecific systemic reactions collectively known as the postperfusion syndrome develop in patients who undergo cardiopulmonary bypass. We now report that terminal C5b-9 complement complexes are deposited on erythrocytes and polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leukocytes during cardiopulmonary bypass. Plasma(More)
Catheter-based percutaneous transluminal gene delivery (PTGD) into the coronary artery still falls behind the expectations of an efficient myocardial gene delivery system. In this study gene delivery was applied by selective pressure-regulated retroinfusion through the coronary veins to prolong adhesion of replication defective adenovirus within the(More)
Thirteen cases of posttransfusion purpura (PTP) which were diagnosed in Germany and Austria from 1977-1985 are described. All patients were women with a mean age of 58.6 years (range, 36-77 years). All but one had been pregnant and received blood transfusions 2 to 12 days prior to the onset of PTP. The thrombocytopenic purpura was always severe with a nadir(More)
The ultrastructure of human placental capillaries was investigated using perfusion fixation and the freeze-fracturing technique. The capillaries have a continuous endothelium especially rich in microfilaments, whereas micropinocytotic vesicles are exceedingly scarce. The endothelial cells are connected by three types of junctions: (1) zonulae occludentes(More)