David Heathcote

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We conducted a series of gravitropic experiments on Avena coleoptiles in the weightlessness environment of Spacelab. The purpose was to test the threshold stimulus, reciprocity rule and autotropic reactions to a range of g-force stimulations of different intensities and durations The tests avoided the potentially complicating effects of earth's gravity and(More)
Dark-grown wheat coleoptiles developed strong curvatures within 5 h of being transferred in orbit from a 1 g centrifuge to microgravity during an experiment flown on the IML-1 shuttle mission. The curving tendency was strongest in seedlings that were immature, with coleoptiles shorter than 10 mm at the time of transfer. The curvature direction was(More)
OBJECTIVE Systematic reviews highlight a broad range of cancer-related post-traumatic stress disorder (CR-PTSD) prevalence estimates in cancer survivors. This meta-analysis was conducted to provide a prevalence estimate of significant CR-PTSD symptoms and full diagnoses to facilitate the psychological aftercare of cancer survivors. METHODS A systematic(More)
We compared the agreement of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) values between seven cTnI assay systems in clinical samples collected from 1 h up to 11 days post acute coronary syndrome (ACS), before and after correction for calibration differences between systems. Values were referenced to two sources of common calibrator, namely, a manufactured cardiac troponin(More)
The phototropic dose-response relationship has been determined for Triticum aestivum cv. Broom coleoptiles growing on a purpose-built clinostat apparatus providing gravity compensation by rotation about a horizontal axis at 2 rev·min-1. These data are compared with data sets obtained with the clinostat axis vertical and stationary, as a 1·g control, and(More)
A projection-augmented model is a type of nonimmersive, coincident haptic and visual display that uses a physical model as a three-dimensional screen for projected visual information. Supporting all physiological depth cues and two sensory modalities should create a strong sense of the object’s existence. However, conventional measures of presence have been(More)
The lack of standardization of cardiac troponin I (cTnI) assay systems has meant an inability to compare absolute values between methods, and non-traceability of cTnI measurement in clinical laboratories. The present study tested whether a common calibrator for cTnI would harmonize values between different methods. Twenty fresh-frozen plasma samples and a(More)
This time course and location of gravitropically induced curvatures in stems of goosegrass (Gallium aparine L.), a member of the Rubiaceae, have been investigated. In the early stages of the response (0-5 h), curvature develops throughout the growing region, and is followed by an autotropic straightening which affects the internodes only, leading to the(More)
Experiments were undertaken to determine if the reciprocity rule is valid for gravitropic responses of oat coleoptiles in the acceleration region below 1 g. The rule predicts that the gravitropic response should be proportional to the product of the applied acceleration and the stimulation time. Seedlings were cultivated on 1 g centrifuges and transferred(More)