David Heathcote

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The neural plate is induced during gastrulation when the organizer affects the ectoderm around it. Recent experiments show that axial mesoderm can stimulate formation of specific ventral cell types in the spinal cord, including floor plate, motor neurons, and several types of interneurons. We have eliminated or disrupted axial mesoderm by using a variety of(More)
A projection-augmented model is a type of nonimmersive, coincident haptic and visual display that uses a physical model as a three-dimensional screen for projected visual information. Supporting all physiological depth cues and two sensory modalities should create a strong sense of the object's existence. However, conventional measures of presence have been(More)
Dopaminergic spinal cord neurons differentiate in the ventral spinal cord in a nonrandom dispersed pattern. To test whether Notch signaling was involved in generating the pattern of this neuron population as with others, we overexpressed a constitutively active form of Xenopus Notch (XotchDeltaE) in developing frog embryos. Overexpression was targeted to(More)
OBJECTIVE Systematic reviews highlight a broad range of cancer-related post-traumatic stress disorder (CR-PTSD) prevalence estimates in cancer survivors. This meta-analysis was conducted to provide a prevalence estimate of significant CR-PTSD symptoms and full diagnoses to facilitate the psychological aftercare of cancer survivors. METHODS A systematic(More)
The mechanisms underlying morphogenesis of axons and dendrites are critical for understanding both the structure and function of the nervous system. Since a number of kinases have a well-known effect on neurite outgrowth, we tested the hypothesis that specific phosphatases can also play a role in neurite extension and branching. Both protein phosphatase 1(More)
Previous empirical work has suggested that performance in using the Web as an information resource deteriorates when the cognitive load imposed by the content of Web pages exceeds the cognitive capacity of the user [3], [7]. This problem is particularly pronounced in users with below average cognitive capacity. The work reported in this paper describes the(More)
We conducted a series of gravitropic experiments on Avena coleoptiles in the weightlessness environment of Spacelab. The purpose was to test the threshold stimulus, reciprocity rule and autotropic reactions to a range of g-force stimulations of different intensities and durations The tests avoided the potentially complicating effects of earth's gravity and(More)
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