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A family affair? Exploring the influence of childhood sport socialisation on young adults’ leisure-sport careers in north-west England
Based on interviews conducted with 19 young adults aged 30–35-years-old living in north-west England, this paper examines the features of childhood sport socialisation that typically precede high
Still ‘more of the same for the more able?’ Including young disabled people and pupils with special educational needs in extra-curricular physical education
Until PE teachers and schools are willing and/or able to bring about desired change in the content, organisation and delivery of ECPE, rather than developing more inclusive and non-segregated forms of provision, teachers in many schools will be constrained and/ or inclined to continue providing programmes that continue to provide what Penney and Harris call ‘more of the same for the more able’ pupils in ECPe.
Inclusive physical education? A study of the management of national curriculum physical education and unplanned outcomes in England
One key aspect of the growing policy emphasis on educational inclusion in England has been the tendency for physical education (PE) to be used as an important vehicle of social policy targeted at
Inadequate and inappropriate?: The assessment of young disabled people and pupils with special educational needs in National Curriculum Physical Education
Based upon focus groups with 12 secondary school physical education (PE) teachers working in north-west England, this paper examines: (i) how young disabled people and pupils with special educational
To assist or not to assist? A study of teachers’ views of the roles of learning support assistants in the provision of inclusive physical education in England
It is concluded that teachers’ perceptions of the constraints they experience from working with LSAs to help support pupils, and the extent and quality of support they receive, cannot be understood adequately unless they are located within the context of the relational constraints experienced by teachers.
Framing and Imagining Disease in Cultural History
This chapter discusses Framing the Frame, the Imagining and Framing of Disease in Cultural History, and Paradoxical Diseases in the Late Renaissance: The Cases of Syphilis and Plague.
Families, Youth and Extra-Curricular Activity: Implications for Physical Education and School Sport.
The central object of this chapter is to consider briefly some of the links which exist between families, the growth of extra-curricular activity as a formal and informal pedagogic practice, and