David Harris Jacobson

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Sufficient conditions are derived for solutions of a general autonomous system of quad-ratic ordinary vector differential equations to exhibit finite escape times. These results are extended to a matrix Riccati-type differential equation using Kronecker matrix products and a "stacking operator". Finally, these results are applied to a class of models used(More)
The crystal structure of V510, a chimeric type 2/type 1 poliovirus, has been determined at 2.6 A resolution. Unlike the parental Mahoney strain of type 1 poliovirus, V510 is able to replicate in the mouse central nervous system, due entirely to the replacement of six amino acids in the exposed BC loop of capsid protein VP1. Significant structural(More)
Strategies have been developed for the inexpensive refinement of atomic models of viruses and of other highly symmetric structures. These methods, which have been used in the refinement of several strains of poliovirus, focus on an arbitrary-sized parallelepiped (termed the 'protomer' box) containing a single complete averaged copy of the structural motif(More)
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