David Hargreaves

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Motion estimation in video is a very important tool for such applications as interpolation, motion compensation, and segmentation. However, in interlaced video, it is often desirable to perform interpolation prior to the motion estimation. In this correspondence, a novel technique is presented that, rather than minimizing the interpolation error in each of(More)
MOTIVATION The identification of suitable conditions for crystallization is a rate-limiting step in protein structure determination. The pH of an experiment is an important parameter and has the potential to be used in data-mining studies to help reduce the number of crystallization trials required. However, the pH is usually recorded as that of the buffer(More)
The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is the largest available repository of solved protein structures and contains a wealth of information on successful crystallization. Many centres have used their own experimental data to draw conclusions about proteins and the conditions in which they crystallize. Here, data from the PDB were used to reanalyse some of these(More)
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