David Hansen

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Multi Agent Systems and the Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) formalism offer several asynchronous and optimal algorithms for solving naturally distributed optimization problems efficiently. There has been good application of this technology in addressing real world problems in areas like Sensor Networks and Meeting Scheduling. Most of(More)
We present a new method for reconstruction of 4-D cone beam computed tomography from an undersampled set of X-ray projections. The novelty of the proposed method lies in utilizing optical flow based registration to facilitate that each temporal phase is reconstructed from the full set of acquired projections. The reconstruction of each phase thus exhibits(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate application of data integration technology for observing the effectiveness of interventions to control pathology orders in Emergency Departments. BACKGROUND Doctors frequently need to order blood tests in the Emergency Departments as a part of diagnostic set up in Emergency Departments. However, pathology test ordering is(More)
Constructing Haar wavelet synopses with guaranteed maximum error on data approximations has many real world applications. In this paper, we take a novel approach towards constructing unrestricted Haar wavelet synopses under maximum error metrics (L ∞). We first provide two linear time (logN)-approximation algorithms which have space complexities of O(logN)(More)