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The theory of linear dispersive equations predicts that waves should spread out and disperse over time. However, it is a remarkable phenomenon , observed both in theory and practice, that once nonlinear effects are taken into account, solitary wave or soliton solutions can be created, which can be stable enough to persist indefinitely. The construction of(More)
We confirm the presence of a gender gap in mathematics across many low-and middle-income countries using detailed, comparable test score data. Examining micro level data on school performance linked to household demographics we note that first, the gender gap appears to increase with age. Indeed, the gap nearly doubles when comparing 4th grade and 8th grade(More)
Multi Agent Systems and the Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) formalism offer several asynchronous and optimal algorithms for solving naturally distributed optimization problems efficiently. There has been good application of this technology in addressing real world problems in areas like Sensor Networks and Meeting Scheduling. Most of(More)
PURPOSE This work proposes the ISMRM Raw Data format as a common MR raw data format, which promotes algorithm and data sharing. METHODS A file format consisting of a flexible header and tagged frames of k-space data was designed. Application Programming Interfaces were implemented in C/C++, MATLAB, and Python. Converters for Bruker, General Electric,(More)
We present a new method for reconstruction of 4-D cone beam computed tomography from an undersampled set of X-ray projections. The novelty of the proposed method lies in utilizing optical flow based registration to facilitate that each temporal phase is reconstructed from the full set of acquired projections. The reconstruction of each phase thus exhibits(More)
Thank you for exchanging ideas about lawn and yard care choices this summer! We appreciate your participation. This is the first of two pamphlets about lawn and yard care. It focuses on your lawn and yard care choices and practices. Enclosed is a short feedback form. Please fill it out and return it in the next few days. Lawn (n) An area of grasses(More)