David Hansen

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Stretch-activated ion channels have been identified as transducers of mechanoelectric coupling in the heart, where they may play a role in arrhythmogenesis. The role of the cytoskeleton in ion channel control has been a topic of recent study and the transmission of mechanical stresses to stretch-activated channels by cytoskeletal attachment has been(More)
Recognizing the signs and effects of pediatric apnea is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment of children with psychological difficulties. Sleep apnea can have serious deleterious effects on children's cognitive, behavioral, and physiological functioning. Diurnal effects include inattention, decreased academic performance, oppositionality, and(More)
Mechanical stretch has been demonstrated to have electrophysiological effects on cardiac muscle, including alteration of the probability of excitation, alteration of the action potential waveform, and stretch-induced arrhythmia (SIA). We demonstrate that regional ventricular ischemia due to coronary artery occlusion increases arrhythmogenic effects of(More)
Multi Agent Systems and the Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem (DCOP) formalism offer several asynchronous and optimal algorithms for solving naturally distributed optimization problems efficiently. There has been good application of this technology in addressing real world problems in areas like Sensor Networks and Meeting Scheduling. Most of(More)
  • Joseph H Wlosinski, David E Hansen, Steven R Hagedorn, Center Director, Robert L Delaney, John W Barko +4 others
  • 1995
This PDF file may appear different from the printed report because of slight variations incurred by electronic transmission. The Environmental Management Technical Center issues LTRMP Program Reports to provide Long Term Resource Monitoring Program partners with programmatic documentation, procedures manuals, training manuals, and geospatial applications.(More)
Constructing Haar wavelet synopses with guaranteed maximum error on data approximations has many real world applications. In this paper, we take a novel approach towards constructing unrestricted Haar wavelet synopses under maximum error metrics (L ∞). We first provide two linear time (logN)-approximation algorithms which have space complexities of O(logN)(More)
Deriving the exact rate equation for even the simplest of kinetic systems can be a formidable task. If the steady-state approximation is applicable, however, an accurate rate equation can readily be obtained using linear algebra (1-3), partition analysis (4), or graph theory (5,6). Several previous contributors to this Journal have discussed the validity of(More)