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Five known greedy algorithms designed for the single measurement vector setting in compressed sensing and sparse approximation are extended to the multiple measurement vector scenario: Iterative Hard Thresholding (IHT), Normalized IHT (NIHT), Hard Thresholding Pursuit (HTP), Normalized HTP (NHTP), and Compressive Sampling Matching Pursuit (CoSaMP). Using(More)
The velocity fields downstream of four prosthetic heart valves were mapped in vitro over the entire cross-section of a model aortic root using laser Doppler anemometry. THe Björk-Shiley 60 degrees convexo-concave tilting disc valve, the Smeloff-Cutter caged ball valve, the St. Jude Medical bileaflet valve, and the Ionescu-Shiley standard bioprosthesis were(More)
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