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Key aspects of the expression of long-term potentiation (LTP) and long-term depression (LTD) remain unresolved despite decades of investigation. Alterations in postsynaptic glutamate receptors are believed to contribute to the expression of various forms of LTP and LTD, but the relative importance of presynaptic mechanisms is controversial. In addition,(More)
This report, Moody's 13th annual corporate bond default study, extends our default research to cover the period from 1920 through 1999. Highlights from this year's study include: • Worldwide, a record 106 Moody's-rated issuers defaulted on $35.6 billion of long-term, publicly held corporate and sovereign debt in 1999. Including unrated defaulters brings the(More)
This technical report is a product of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Software Program, an agency wide program to promote continual improvement of software engineering within NASA. The goals and strategies of this program are documented in the NASA software strategic plan, July 13, 1995. Additional information is available from the(More)
However, English nurses going to America and confused by the American educational and organizational system will find this not only a useful source book, but a comfort in the fact that although we are "two great nations separated by the same language", our problems in educating and providing a nursing service capable of meeting changing health needs are(More)
Expert short-term management of diabetes through good glycaemic control, is necessary to delay or even prevent serious degenerative complications developing in the long term, due to consistently high blood glucose levels (BGLs). Good glycaemic control may be achieved by predicting a future BGL based on past BGLs and past and anticipated diet, exercise(More)
This report documents global corporate credit rating transition and default rates during the 1995-2003 period conditional on the full information in Moody's published credit opinions, which, in addition to the current credit rating, include prior rating actions and current rating outlooks and reviews. The primary findings of this study are: • Moody's rating(More)