David Haas

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Multiple genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been performed in HIV-1 infected individuals, identifying common genetic influences on viral control and disease course. Similarly, common genetic correlates of acquisition of HIV-1 after exposure have been interrogated using GWAS, although in generally small samples. Under the auspices of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients diagnosed with a psychotic disorder and their first-degree relatives display increased reactivity to stress. Theory predicts that experience of psychosocial stress is associated both with ventromedial prefrontal and mesolimbic dopamine neurotransmission. However, while there is evidence of aberrant striatal dopamine processing in(More)
Third- and sixth-grade students used a graphical simulation of the honeybee dance presented on a plasma panel deployed for several weeks in the corner of their classrooms. Among third graders, acceptance was hindered by discrepancies between the representation of phenomena in the simulation and students' prior knowledge of those phenomena. Sixth graders(More)
Elementary school science focuses on the early phases of science inquiry: observation, description, data collection, reflection, and reporting. Technologies afford opportunities to scaffold and extend the domains of inquiry, but successful adoption depends on their integration with classroom organization and practice. In elementary schools, small group and(More)
To obtain a better estimate of course offerings required to run a four year curriculum in Computer Science, ten years of student flow was simulated. The simulation was based on the Computer Science curriculum at Southeastern and its student's progression as of Fall, 1984. Mentioned topics will include (1) model construction (2) model validation (3)(More)
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