David H. Strumeyer

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Peroxidase from the obligate chemosynthetic bacterium Nitrosomonas europaea was purified 1,500-fold, and its properties were examined. The enzyme had a molecular weight of 53,000 and exhibited characteristic absorption maxima at 410, 524, and 558 mmu. The optimal pH and temperature were 7.5 and 44 C, respectively. The peroxidase reaction had an energy of(More)
1. Muscle and brain from developing chick embryos, as well as from day-old chicks, rats, and ducks were analyzed for the histidine-containing dipeptides, anserine and carnosine. 2. Anserine was found in the brain of all species studied, whereas in muscle, anserine was found only in chicks. 3. At 15 days, the muscle of developing chick embryo contained 41(More)
Four groups of adult cockerels, consisting of a control group given adequate protein, a protein-depleted group, and two groups that had been given, respectively, a low and a higher nitrogen-containing diet following protein depletion, were killed after appropriate time intervals and histidine and histidine derivatives analyzed in breast muscle extract. The(More)
A procedure for the automated assay of purified amylase inhibitors was developed. Samples were analyzed at a rate of 60/h using ferricyanide reagent to monitor the suppression of the release of reducing groups from a solution of starch by a calibrated alpha-amylase reagent. In addition to the sequential analysis of individual samples, the use of gradients(More)