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Excessive gambling is recognized with dopamine agonist therapy, but the prevalence is unknown. We assessed the prevalence of excess gambling by specific prospective enquiry in Parkinson's disease patients attending six West Scotland movement disorder clinics. Of 388 patients taking anti-Parkinson medication, 17 (4.4%) developed pathological gambling, all of(More)
Oculopalatal tremor consists of palatal tremor and pendular nystagmus and may develop in a delayed fashion after an acute brainstem lesion. Delayed sequelae are generally restricted to the eyes and branchial-derived muscles, such as those of the palate. We report three cases of oculopalatal tremor that subsequently developed disabling delayed-onset ataxia(More)
Cisco System and NASA have been performing joint research on mobile routing technology under a NASA Space Act Agreement. Cisco developed mobile router technology and provided that technology to NASA for applications to aeronautic and space-based missions. NASA has performed stringent performance testing of the mobile router, including of the interaction of(More)
Massive enlargement of an extracerebral cavernous malformation and extension across tissue planes is very uncommon. The authors present the case of a 49-year-old woman with a giant cavernous malformation in the left frontotemporal area. It progressively enlarged during several decades, extended through the calvaria to the extradural space, and was(More)