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The Southern Ocean is very important for the potential sequestration of carbon dioxide in the oceans and is expected to be vulnerable to changes in carbon export forced by anthropogenic climate warming. Annual phytoplankton blooms in seasonal ice zones are highly productive and are thought to contribute significantly to pCO2 drawdown in the Southern Ocean.(More)
In two experiments, we investigated the interpretation and boundary conditions of the tongue-twister (TT) effect in silent reading. Previously, McCutchen, Bell, France, and Perfetti (1991) observed a TT effect when students made semantic acceptability judgments on sentences, but not when they made lexical decisions on lists of words. Using similar(More)
We examined the development of epithelial Na+ conductance in 6- and 7-day post coitus (p.c.) preimplantation rabbit embryos using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique on dissociated rabbit trophectodermal cells and by immunocytochemical localization using a polyclonal antibody directed against subunits of an apical epithelial Na+ channel on the intact(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Despite the continued improvements in endovascular techniques this decade, few dedicated studies addressing the feasibility of such procedures or their efficacy relative to risk have been conducted. The purpose of this study was to use current endovascular techniques to assess the feasibility, effectiveness, and safety of direct(More)
A detailed morphological examination of the bullfrog tadpole ventral epidermis and changes in structure that occur during metamorphosis has not been done. Knowledge of this is crucial to interpretation of physiological studies such as those dealing with development of transepithelial Na+ transport. Examination of tadpole epidermis with light microscopy(More)
Productivity of individuals and institutions in educational psychology journals has been previously examined in three separate studies (Hsieh et al. productivity was calculated by the number of (a) articles published and (b) points based on a formula that considers author position in relation to the number of authors. The University of Maryland and Richard(More)
  • S I Abdelwahab, Hassan, A H Anti, R K Agarwal, D H Robinson, G I Reinhardt +3 others
  • 2012
inflammatory activities of cucurbitacin E isolated from Citrullus lanatus var. citroides: Role of reactive nitrogen species and cyclooxygenase enzyme inhibition. and efficacy of topical 1% ALO 2145 (p-aminoclonidine hydrochloride) in normal volunteers. Comparison of the immediate effects on the sub-gingival microflora of acrylic strips containing 40%(More)
Though uterine proteins are found within the blastocoel of the rabbit blastocyst, the mechanisms involved in protein entry into the blastocoel have not been studied. To investigate potential avenues of protein entry into the blastocoel, we have monitored uptake of a fluorescent, fluid-phase marker (lucifer yellow) into the rabbit blastocyst trophectodermal(More)
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