David H. Kim

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BACKGROUND The early growth response 1 gene (Egr1) encodes for an immediate to early response transcription factor that is upregulated by changes in vascular strain and hypoxia and in turn upregulates the downstream expressions of a number of angiogenic growth factors. We therefore hypothesized that early growth response 1 may be a critical early messenger(More)
BACKGROUND Autogenous Iliac Crest Bone Graft (ICBG) has been the "gold standard" for spinal fusion. However, bone graft harvest may lead to complications, such as chronic pain, numbness, and poor cosmesis. The long-term impact of these complications on patient function and well-being has not been established but is critical in determining the value of(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Cervical radiculopathy is a common disorder caused by compression of the cervical nerve roots and is characterized by arm pain and altered sensory-motor function. Incongruity in the locations of C6 and C7 dermatomes in competing versions of historical dermatome maps has plagued interpretation of impaired sensation associated with C6 and(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Despite the interest in lumbar spinous process (SP)-based surgical innovation, there are no large published studies that have characterized the morphometry of lumbar SPs. PURPOSE To provide accurate level-specific morphometric data with respect to human lumbar SPs using a human cadaveric lumbar spine model and to describe the(More)
We report a case of a pregnant woman with a complex hemoglobinopathy who developed a symptomatic anemia at 28 weeks of gestation and was treated with multiple transfusions of type-specific packed red blood cells. Shortly thereafter, she developed a fever and joint pains, along with laboratory values consistent with hemolysis. Timing suggested a delayed(More)
The purpose of this article is to highlight the variability among shoulders in the relationship between the lateral acromion and the humeral head and to describe how this variability may influence a surgeon's choice of patient positioning for shoulder arthroscopy. In cases of increased lateral coverage of the humeral head by the acromion, arthroscopic(More)
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