David H. Friedman

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Low-power real-time streaming implementation of many video algorithms is possible using many-core-processor integrated circuit platforms, such as the Coherent Logix hx3100<sup>TM</sup> processor based on HyperX technology, by structuring the algorithm as a data flow implementation so as to make full use of the inherent parallelism of the architecture. This(More)
Tactility holds a unique position in modem architectural discourse. Oftentimes, it has been evoked as an alternative to two-dimensional vision. However, the notion of tactility sometimes denotes ambiguous and often conflicting meanings. Since the 1970s, tactility has been mainly associated with a series of phenomenological notions such as place,(More)
Few groups in the world have as long-standing a claim to "peoplehood" as do Jews. Despite the longevity of that claim, however, the problem of instability inherent in objectifying a collective identity has not yet been resolved. The existence and salience of a collective self is assumed at the same time that statements and actions within the group suggest(More)
Glomus tumors are benign vascular neoplasms that arise from specialized dermal arteriovenous anastomoses called glomus bodies. These tumors are most often found in the digital pulp and subungual region of the fingertips; however, a review of the literature suggests that extradigital glomus tumors may occur more often than is generally recognized. Although(More)
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