David H. Downs

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This study provides evidence regarding the risk-subsidy and monitoring hypotheses by investigating the relation between insider ownership and risk-taking in the property-liability insurance industry. The structure of guaranty funds provides incentives for owners to encourage insurer risk-taking. However, the ex post funding mechanism and incompleteness of(More)
This study examined people's self-presentation motives in unstructured, everyday social interaction as a function of participants' gender similarity to, and general familiarity with, the targets of their self-presentations. Participants maintained a variant of the Rochester Interaction Record for 1 week. For every interaction that lasted 10 min or more,(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the amount of femoral tunnel widening that occurred after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using quadrupled hamstring autografts and to determine the clinical significance of any such tunnel enlargement. TYPE OF STUDY Retrospective clinical analysis. METHODS Twenty-nine patients who had(More)
The objective of the present study was to determine the prevalence of intellectual disability (ID) and its associated disabilities in rural South African children aged 2-9 years. It was undertaken in eight villages in the district of Bushbuckridge, Northern Province, South Africa. A two-phase design was utilized. The first phase involved screening children(More)
The functional organization of laryngeal motoneurons in the nucleus ambiguous (NA) was evaluated in adult male rats before and after recurrent laryngeal nerve section and reinnervation. Using retrograde double labeling techniques with fluorescent probes, we obtained the number and position of labeled neurons by using the Bioquant 3-D imaging system.(More)
Although more and more hospitals are implementing universal newborn hearing screening programs, there is still very little information available about the costs of newborn hearing screening programs. The few articles which have been published evaluate technologies or protocols which are no longer used, are incomplete, or are based on hypothetical estimates(More)
A limited, yet growing, body of research suggests that health care students educated in interdisciplinary teamwork may become more collaborative professionals in the workplace, which, in turn, may foster more productive and satisfied health care professionals. Researchers also have identified lower mortality and morbidity rates, fewer hospitalizations,(More)
This paper examines the relation between systematic price changes and the heterogeneity of investors’ information sets in real estate asset markets. The empirical implications rely on a theoretical economy in which information asymmetry alters the dynamic relation between returns and trading volume. We employ a filter-rule methodology to determine(More)
There are three essential components in the vaccination equation model: the vaccine giver, the vaccine receiver and the process facilitator. All three components must be considered if an immunization programme is to achieve its maximum potential. The author uses this model to explain the rationale behind strategies used in the Immunize Australia Campaign(More)