David H. Dolley

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In a previous communication by one of us (Crile) resuscitation was attempted by means of both direct and indirect cardiac massage, with and without artificial respiration, with and without intravenous saline infusion, and with and without the addition of adrenalin. The results of these experiments may be summarized as foUows: By cardiac massage alone(More)
To determine the limits of recovery after a total anemia of the central nervous system, a series of thirty dogs was killed by chloroform and resuscitated after varying times from three to fourteen minutes. Under five minutes the recovery of function was rapid and strikingly free from the after effects which characterized longer periods. Of seven animals(More)
Nitrous oxide, administered by means of the Gatch apparatus, as a preliminary anesthetic to ether has been found to be superior for the dog in rapidity of action, in promotion of ease of handling, and in absence of disorder; the anesthesia may be maintained solely by nitrous oxide in combination with oxygen; it is economical; and its use is instructive to(More)