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The basis of a three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound imaging system was constructed from a commercially available magnetometer-based position and orientation measurement (POM) device, a standard B-Mode ultrasound instrument and a personal computer. To evaluate the system's performance, a novel method was devised using an iterative, least-squares technique to(More)
Multiwavelength optical spectroscopy was used to determine the oxygen-binding characteristics for equine myoglobin. Oxygen-binding relationships as a function of oxygen tension were determined for temperatures of 10, 25, 35, 37, and 40 degrees C, at pH 7.0. In addition, dissociation curves were determined at 37 degrees C for pH 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5.(More)
  • D H Burns
  • 1995
The physical characteristics of a visual display unit (VDU) are compared to those of paperwork, through a review of the literature. Certain display characteristics are shown to enhance visual performance using a VDU whilst others significantly decrease it when compared to using hard copy. Overall, display characteristics do not necessarily render VDU use(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE One of the proposed mechanisms for sudden expansion of a carotid bifurcation plaque is hemorrhage within the lesion. It has been postulated that the sudden increase in plaque size will acutely reduce blood flow to the ipsilateral hemisphere and induce either a transient ischemic attack or a stroke. In this study, the relation between(More)
The question of whether A-bands shorten during contraction was investigated using two methods: high-resolution polarization microscopy and electron microscopy. During shortening from extended sarcomere lengths in the passive state, sarcomere-length changes were essentially accounted for by I-band shortening. During active shortening under otherwise(More)
This pilot study investigated the possibility that metabolomic differences exist in second trimester of women delivering at term (≥37 weeks, n = 216) and preterm (≤35 weeks, n = 11). For this retrospective study, biobanked AF samples underwent near-infrared (NIR) spectral analysis using wavelengths from 700 to 1050 nm. Spectral data was compressed then(More)
OBJECTIVE We explored the possibility that perturbations in amniotic fluid glucose, insulin, and insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1(IGFBP1) and/or metabolic acids exist before routine screening for GDM. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We selected consenting mother-infant pairs (n = 408) who met our inclusion criteria (singleton pregnancy, no genetic(More)
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