David H. Brandin

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Roberts illustrated the potential use of packet switching technology by postulating a personal computer terminal using radio broadcasting to connect the user to a computer. The proposed terminal had a unique five-finger keyboard and plasma-discharge display. The keyboard would generate and send characters, one at a time, to the computer using 64 bit packets(More)
This paper reports the findings of a project to identify types of computer system integrity safeguards that would have been effective in preventing, detecting, or mitigating the effects of actual reported incidents of computer system integrity violations. More than 350 cases were analyzed and categorized among one of 26 types of violations and among one or(More)
Is our society vulnerable as a result of our growing dependency on computers and communications sys-tems? Are we, computer scientists and technologists, creating a Trojan Horse that can be used against us? Or, alternatively, is the vulnerabihty illusory and the issue a red herring-raised by alarmists or special interest groups? This is more than an academic(More)
In the changing computer world of multiple opportunities, the greatest difficulty lies in deciding which of the many possible dreams to strive for, what goals to set. The IEEE Computer Society and the Association for Computing Machinery, the two largest and fastest growing professional organizations in the computer field, have come to share more or less(More)
One o f the responsibilities that goes with the job o f President o f A C M is preparing the annua l State o f A C M report. In meeting this year 's responsibilities, I suffer only a lack o f space the ship o f State o f A C M is neither adrift nor at anchor. Rather, A C M is a healthy, viable organism exploding at its seams in all d i rec t ions -and quite(More)
The Association This letter is intended to portray the Association today-March 1985. ACM is a complex organization composed of members, volunteers, staff, and a host of products and services. Because ACM is many things, this description will undoubtedly miss some functions. Those characteristics and functions identified emphasize aspects for which planning(More)