David Gutmann

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Abe, Namiko, "Regulation of peripheral nerve regeneration by the mTOR pathway" (2010). All Theses and Dissertations (ETDs). Paper 4. ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION Regulation of peripheral nerve regeneration by the mTOR pathway by NAMIKO ABE While neurons in the central nervous system (CNS) have limited capacity for regrowth after damage, neurons in the(More)
In order to test the hypothesis that retirement would be particularly stressful for this highly motivated cohort, forty retired members of Israeli kibbutzim (22 men, 18 women) were interviewed in an open-ended fashion, concerning their early history, their decision to join the kibbutz, their working life, and their post-retirement adaptation. Little(More)
It is within the context of the parent-child relationship--through the processes of attachment, loss, separation and individuation--that we grow and develop interpersonally and intrapsychically (Bowlby 1969, 1980; Mahler et al. 1975; Pollock, 1989). Most developmentalists agree that changes in the parent-child relationship continue to influence both parents(More)
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