David Gurzick

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Online communities are increasingly important in modern social life. Yet, the diverse collection of guidelines that have directed online community design may not be keeping pace with significant changes in the operating environment of these systems. This paper collects and distills the most relevant of these guidelines and describes their instantiation in a(More)
Alternate reality games (ARGs) represent a unique form of group collaboration. A careful comparison of ARGs to more traditional collaborative systems reveals areas for innovation in tools to support ad-hoc teaming. This comparison specifically focuses on processes of group formation, task management, information discovery and collective storytelling.(More)
Healthcare organizations are struggling to meet industry best practices for information security as well as complying with regulatory requirements. Single sign-on technology is emerging as a leading technology for password authentication management and promises to improve security while curbing system maintenance costs. While the technology seems to be a(More)
This ongoing research project investigates the changes that occur to weblogs (blogs) throughout their lifespan. It examines both the markers that indicate a particular phase of its existence in our emerging life cycle model and the drivers that move the community through those cycles. Emphasis is placed on identifying likely causes for abandonment at each(More)
As web technologies have flourished, the workplace has become inundated with new, often-overlapping applications meant to assist busy employees with information management and collaboration. IT departments seeking to implement these systems encounter difficulties in determining which to use. This paper reports on the impediments that arose as a result of(More)
A survey was conducted on 210 Baby Boomers (Age mean = 51.4 Std. dev. 5.46) within the United States to determine their current use of online technology in social interactions, their preferences in these interactions, and the expectations they have of near-future online communication technologies. The findings highlight the importance of online(More)
This ongoing research project investigates ad-hoc infrastructure development in volunteer virtual organizations (VVOs). A comparative analysis of the tool appropriation of VVO activity among alternate reality game (ARG) players in three cities yielded insight for future research into underlying principles of infrastructure assemblage, types of ad-hoc(More)
This full-day workshop focuses on building Big Social Data research competencies for scholars interested in issues of contribution quality and contributor performance in online co-production systems that generate value through contributions by volunteers. The workshop is designed to engage discussion and promote co-working through a hackathon format to(More)
Moderation within online communities is critical. Though many guidelines are available that describe the goals of successful moderation, these often minimize the complex interplay that exists between tools and practices of moderators. This study investigates the role of moderation through the lens of the moderators in a nascent online community for(More)