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Recent findings of a potential human carcinogen, acrylamide, in foods have focused research on the possible mechanisms of formation. We present a mechanism for the formation of acrylamide from the reaction of the amino acid asparagine and a carbonyl-containing compound at typical cooking temperatures. The mechanism involves formation of a Schiff base(More)
| The simplicity of SMTP mail can be combined with t he robustnessof the sendmail MTA program and misused in numerous ways to create extraordinary and p o werful e-mail bombs. These e-mail bombs can be launched in many different a ttack scenarios which can easily ood and s h ut d o wn chains of SMTP mail servers. Sendmail-based SMTP mail relays also can be(More)
The conchoid surface G of a given surface F with respect to a point O is roughly speaking the surface obtained by increasing the radius function of F with respect to O by a constant d. This paper studies real rational ruled surfaces in this context and proves that their conchoid surfaces possess real rational parameterizations, independently on the position(More)
The conchoid of a surface F with respect to given fixed point O is roughly speaking the surface obtained by increasing the radius function with respect to O by a constant. This paper studies conchoid surfaces of spheres and shows that these surfaces admit rational parameterizations. Explicit parameterizations of these surfaces are constructed using the(More)
The conchoid surface F d of a surface F with respect to a fixed reference point O is a surface obtained by increasing the distance function with respect to O by a constant d. This contribution studies conchoid surfaces of quadrics in Euclidean R 3 and shows that these surfaces admit real rational parameterizations. We present an algorithm to compute these(More)
On the evening of June 20th, several hundred physicists, including a Nobel laureate, assembled in an auditorium at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing for a lecture by the Chinese mathematician Shing-Tung Yau. In the late nineteen-seventies, when Yau was in his twenties, he had made a series of breakthroughs that helped launch the string-theory revolution in(More)
Stressful experiences do not only cause peripheral changes in stress hormone levels, but also affect central structures such as the hippocampus, implicated in spatial orientation, stress evaluation, and learning and memory. It has been suggested that formation of memory traces is dependent on hippocampal gamma oscillations observed during alert behaviour(More)
ALBRECHT, A., MÜLLER, I., ARDI, Z., ÇALIŞKAN, G., GRUBER, D., IVENS, S., SEGAL, M., BEHR, J., HEINEMANN, U., STORK, O., and RICHTER-LEVIN, G. Neurobiological consequences of juvenile stress: A GABAergic perspective on risk and resilience. NEUROSCI BIOBEHAV REV XXX-XXX, 2016.- Childhood adversity is among the most potent risk factors for developing mood and(More)
This paper is centered on the implementation problems of learning activities for better education in a global and information society. Modern education must respect dynamic changes in society based on preferences of business and need for competitive advantages; therefore, education seeks optimal ways to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills.(More)
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