David Grosser

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Predicting stability in object-oriented (OO) software, i.e., the ease with which a software item evolves while preserving its design, is a key feature for software maintenance. In fact, a well designed OO software must be able to evolve without violating the compatibility among versions, provided that no major requirement reshuffling occurs. Stability ,(More)
Formalization of scientific knowledge in life sciences by experts in biology or Systematics produces arbores-cent representations whose values could be present, absent or unknown. To improve the robustness of the classification process of those complex objects, often partially described, we propose a new classification method which is iterative, interactive(More)
This paper presents an approach to Concept Analysis of structured, multivalued and incomplete data currently present in life science knowledge bases. We are concerned with tree structured objects, whose size may be variable. We focus on the composition relations between attributes in the learning process. The interest of the method is the ability to take(More)