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The flowchart in figure 2.1 is a product of collaboration between C. Acknowledgments Consensus, as a decisionmaking process, has been developing for centuries. Many people , in diverse communities, have contributed to this development. From them, we have borrowed generously and adapted freely. The following friends previewed drafts of this book and have(More)
Formal concept analysis (FCA) has proved helpful in the resolution of practical problems from fields such software engineering, knowledge engineering and data mining. Recently, a substantial push has been done toward the design of efficient procedures for lattice construction , with a variety of novel algorithms proposed in the literature. However, the FCA(More)
Predicting stability in object-oriented (OO) software, i.e., the ease with which a software item evolves while preserving its design, is a key feature for software maintenance. In fact, a well designed OO software must be able to evolve without violating the compatibility among versions, provided that no major requirement reshuffling occurs. Stability ,(More)
PURPOSE To report a series of endoluminally repaired mycotic thoracic aneurysms. CASE REPORTS Four patients with presumed mycotic aneurysms of the thoracic aorta were treated with endovascular grafts owing to overly high risk for open repair. All aneurysms were successfully excluded at the initial intervention. In one case, which required endograft(More)