David Gresty

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Cloud computing platforms can (in theory) scale infinitely, with the addition of more hardware units bringing more resources to the system. However, despite the many benefits of cloud architecture, the effect of the virtualised model has broad similarities to centralised mainframe architecture – software and its data is held and managed remotely from its(More)
Computer games are a rapidly growing segment of the entertainment industry. Design and development of modern computer games can be a complex activity involving many participants from a variety of disciplines. However, computer game design approaches typically appear to be less formalised than those used for other types of software systems. In this article(More)
Faced with this evidence of how easy it is to extract data from an Android handset, many of us will be making a mental note to run a factory reset when we jettison our current devices. However, unlike iOS which does a pretty thorough wipe when the factory reset is run, Android doesn’t always do quite as well. The default factory wipe doesn’t do much more(More)
Investigating cases of e-mail misuse within an organization (e.g. sexist / racist content, offensive material, etc.) to determine culpability can be a complex process. Such investigations are less likely to result in a formal prosecution, but are more likely to end in disciplinary action. In a criminal investigation, the evidence is collected, analyzed and(More)
Due to the ‘social’ nature of social media, it may be that in certain circumstances, individuals make comments that they would not make via more ‘formal’ communication channels such as the corporate email system. The level of privacy provided by social media and the manner in which such privacy levels are used is an important factor in the type of misuse(More)
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