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Computer games are a rapidly growing segment of the entertainment industry. Design and development of modern computer games can be a complex activity involving many participants from a variety of disciplines. However, computer game design approaches typically appear to be less formalised than those used for other types of software systems. In this article(More)
A B S T R AC T In UK higher education a primary aim of business IT-related qualifications is the preparation of students for a relevant career. In this article we discuss an approach to teaching business IT ethics in a university context that prepares students for the ethical problems that they may meet in their future IT careers, and we demonstrate how(More)
Investigating cases of e-mail misuse within an organization (e.g. sexist / racist content, offensive material, etc.) to determine culpability can be a complex process. Such investigations are less likely to result in a formal prosecution, but are more likely to end in disciplinary action. In a criminal investigation, the evidence is collected, analyzed and(More)
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