David Greer

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The prognosis of patients who are admitted in a comatose state following successful resuscitation after cardiac arrest remains uncertain. Although the introduction of therapeutic hypothermia (TH) and improvements in post-resuscitation care have significantly increased the number of patients who are discharged home with minimal brain damage, short-term(More)
Character motion synthesis is the process of artificially generating natural motion for a virtual character. In film, motion synthesis can be used to generate difficult or dangerous stunts without putting performers at risk. In computer games and virtual reality, motion synthesis enriches the player or participant experience by allowing for unscripted and(More)
Habituation of western gorillas to human presence is generally an expensive, lengthy and difficult process. Here we describe the habituation process for two groups of western gorillas at the Mondika Research Center, with the hope that the lessons we learned will facilitate future gorilla studies. We expand upon earlier studies by describing the process(More)
Redaction is the process of removing privileged information from a document before it is presented to other parties. This paper discusses the major issues associated with the redaction of digital information from electronic devices. A novel technique involving a tokenized representation is presented as a solution to digital redaction in legal proceedings.(More)
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