David Green

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– Third generation mobile communication networks are designed to provide a variety of high data rate services with higher Quality of Service (QoS) than second-generation systems. Handover becomes one of the major problems in such a mobile environment as it is of utmost importance to provide a higher guarantee that the users are able to continue their(More)
The work described in this paper is part of an NSF funded project to develop tutorial materials for introductory computer science courses. We had several general goals for these materials that had an impact on their design and implementation:• they should be delivered on-line;• they should be highly interactive;• they should be(More)
—The increasing use of mobile communications has raised many issues of decision support and resource allocation. A crucial problem is how to solve queries of Reverse Nearest Neighbor (RNN). An RNN query returns all objects that consider the query object as their nearest neighbor. Existing methods mostly rely on a centralized base station. However, mobile(More)
Emergency department overcrowding is an increasing issue impacting patients, staff and quality of care, resulting in poor patient and system outcomes. In order to facilitate better management of emergency department resources, a patient admission predictive tool was developed and implemented. Evaluation of the tool's accuracy and efficacy was complemented(More)