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We identify the effect of individual high school principals on graduation rates and English exam scores using an administrative data set of grade 12 students in BC Canada. Many principals were rotated across schools by districts, permitting isolation of the effect of principals from the effect of schools. We estimate the variance of the idiosyncratic effect(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and validate models to predict emergency department (ED) presentations and hospital admissions for time and day of the year. METHODS Initial model development and validation was based on 5 years of historical data from two dissimilar hospitals, followed by subsequent validation on 27 hospitals representing 95% of the ED presentations(More)
OBJECTIVE Computer and gaming-station use has become entrenched in the culture of our youth. Parents of children with psychiatric disorders report concerns about overuse, but research in this area is limited. The goal of this study is to evaluate computer/gaming-station use in adolescents in a psychiatric clinic population and to examine the relationship(More)
Fistulas between the airways and the digestive tract are a rare complication of esophagectomy. We describe such a fistula complicated by recurrent pneumonia. We successfully closed the fistula with an Amplatzer Septal Occluder (AGA Medical Corp, Plymouth, MN), a nitinol device designed for percutaneous closure of congenital heart defects. The device was(More)
Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, FACS, Chief Executive Officer, HealthcareCollaboration.com, Natick, Massachusetts; Joel Berman, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Concord Hospital, Concord, New Hampshire; Barry Chaiken, MD, founder, DocsNetwork.com, Boston; David Green, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Concord Hospital; Michael Green, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer,(More)
OBJECTIVE Computer/gaming station use is ubiquitous in the lives of youth today. Overuse is a concern, but it remains unclear whether problems arise from addictive patterns of use or simply excessive time spent on use. The goal of the present study was to evaluate computer/gaming station use in youth and to examine the relationship between amounts of use,(More)
Intensive treatment regimes that are known to have a potential risk of infertility sometimes have to be given to boys who have aggressive malignant disease. Long-term care must therefore include further discussion of these patients' impaired fertility. This study describes the results of a series of semi-structured interviews with 15 young male cancer(More)
One hundred and four animals aged 13-18 months were measured at monthly or two monthly intervals, as were comparable numbers of animals 19-36 months old. Height, girth and circumference of the cannon bone below the knee were recorded, measurements for colts and fillies are shown separately. The average height at 18 months was 148 cm (15.01/2 h.h.) and at 36(More)
OBJECTIVE To look at the performance of ThermoSpot liquid crystal thermometry in detecting neonatal hypothermia. DESIGN A comparison was made between skin temperatures taken by ThermoSpot and axillary temperatures taken by digital electric thermometry. Non-medically trained local volunteers performed daily paired recordings on infants on days 1, 2, 3, 4,(More)