David Greco

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OBJECTIVE To investigate miR-155 in the SOD1 mouse model and human sporadic and familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). METHODS NanoString microRNA, microglia and immune gene profiles, protein mass spectrometry, and RNA-seq analyses were measured in spinal cord microglia, splenic monocytes, and spinal cord tissue from SOD1 mice and in spinal cord(More)
The High Performance Fortran (HPF) programming language provides the data parallel programming paradigm for high performance architectures with diierent hierarchies of memory. HPF programs are much easier to write and to read than conventional message passing programs. Unfortunately, the data parallel programming paradigm is not suucient for all kind of(More)
The value of image-guided stereotactic systems is directly dependent on the ease and speed of their use. In the past, most stereotactic techniques were complicated and timely to set up; thus, they were used exclusively for either resecting neoplasms or for neurologic function. However, current systems equipped with advanced registration techniques are much(More)
The data-parallel programming paradigm emerges as the natural choice for a large class of scientiic applications. One of its most signiicant features consists in hiding the details of the communications and synchronizations among processors, leaving them to the compiler. The advent of the new standard data-parallel language, High Performance Fortran (HPF),(More)
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