David Granger

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The complete 2,343,479-bp genome sequence of the gram-negative, pathogenic oral bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis strain W83, a major contributor to periodontal disease, was determined. Whole-genome comparative analysis with other available complete genome sequences confirms the close relationship between the Cytophaga-Flavobacteria-Bacteroides (CFB)(More)
Studies of the human microbiome, and microbial community ecology in general, have blossomed of late and are now a burgeoning source of exciting research findings. Along with the advent of next-generation sequencing platforms, which have dramatically increased the scope of microbiome-related projects, several high-performance sequence analysis pipelines(More)
preamplified by PEP (primer extension preamplification), diluted and dispensed into 30 replica panels. Each replica was screened for between 50 and 100 markers using a twophase polymerase chain reaction (multiplexed forward and reverse primers in phase 1, followed by dilution and a second phase for one marker at a time, using an internal forward primer and(More)
Estrogen receptor orthologues in molluscs may be targets for endocrine disruptors, although mechanistic evidence is lacking. Molluscs are reported to be highly susceptible to effects caused by very low concentrations of environmental estrogens which, if substantiated, would have a major impact on the risk assessment of many chemicals. The present paper(More)
The mosquito-borne malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum kills an estimated 0.7-2.7 million people every year, primarily children in sub-Saharan Africa. Without effective interventions, a variety of factors-including the spread of parasites resistant to antimalarial drugs and the increasing insecticide resistance of mosquitoes-may cause the number of(More)
We aimed to develop a quantitative antibody-based near infrared fluorescence (NIRF) approach for the imaging of oxidized LDL in atherosclerosis. LO1, a well- characterized monoclonal autoantibody that reacts with malondialdehyde-conjugated LDL, was labeled with a NIRF dye to yield LO1-750. LO1-750 specifically identified necrotic core in ex vivo human(More)
UNLABELLED Aberrant WNT signaling is associated with the formation and growth of numerous human cancer types. The low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 (LRP6) is the least redundant component of the WNT receptor complex with two independent WNT ligand-binding sites. Using domain antibody (dAb) technology, a bispecific antibody (GSK3178022) to(More)
This symposium provides five case studies of the ways that John Dewey’s philosophy and practice were influenced by women or “weirdoes” (our choices include F. M. Alexander, Albert Barnes, Helen Bradford Thompson, Elsie Ripley Clapp, and Jane Addams) and presents some conclusions about the value of dialoging across difference for philosophers and other(More)
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