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High doses of intravenous iron have a role in the treatment of a number of clinical situations associated with iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, and blood loss. In the presence of functioning erythropoiesis, iron supplementation alone may be adequate to replenish iron stores and restore blood loss. Where hormone replacement with an(More)
65 patients with serious infections, including 25 with septicaemia, were treated with ceftazidime, a new extended-spectrum cephalosporin. 80% of the infection were cured by the antibiotic. 11 of 12 infected patients who had malignant disease or were otherwise immunocompromised responded satisfactorily to ceftazidime; 7 of these 12 had infections caused by(More)
Pleomorphic T-cell leukaemia occurring in an adult Caucasian patient is described. The leukaemia cells expressed both antigenic determinants (T4 and T8) normally detected separately on either helper or suppressor cells. They functioned as helper cells and there was evidence of unbridled antibody production. It is possible that a distinctive subtype of(More)
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