David Gonzalez

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Visual and haptic integration has been examined extensively, however little is known about alternative premovement sensory information to help in the anticipatory control of prehension. This study explored the concept of using auditory cues as an alternative premovement cue. Individuals lifted champagne flutes filled with various levels of water; and one(More)
High-throughput RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) offers unprecedented power to capture the real dynamics of gene expression. Experimental designs with extensive biological replication present a unique opportunity to exploit this feature and distinguish expression profiles with higher resolution. RNA-seq data analysis methods so far have been mostly applied to data(More)
—The development of mixed-criticality systems that integrate applications of different criticality levels (safety, security , real-time and non real-time) can provide multiple benefits such as product cost-size-weight reduction, reliability increase and scalability. However, the integration of applications of different levels of criticality leads to several(More)
Low-skill golfers coordinate the movements of their head and putter with an allocentric, isodirectional coupling, which is opposite to the allocentric, antidirectional coordination pattern used by experts (Lee, Ishikura, Kegel, Gonzalez, & Passmore, 2008). The present study investigated the effects of four vision conditions (full vision, no vision, target(More)
Security and Dependability (S&D) have become mandatory requirements while engineering embedded systems in some industrial sectors. Typically, S&D requirements are developed ad-hoc for each system, preventing further reuse beyond domain-specific boundaries. In recent times, S&D patterns have been introduced to provide reusable solutions. Those patterns(More)
—Below-deck compartments on naval vessels provide a challenging environment for wireless networks. The metallic walls of the compartments produce multiple reflections that can degrade signal integrity. Between compartments, the metal bulkheads impede the propagation of electromagnetic waves, limiting network connectivity. Orthogonal frequency-division(More)
In this paper we investigate the performance of an antenna configuration selection algorithm for a pattern recon-figurable antenna in a 2 × 2 MIMO-OFDM system. Channel capacity measurements were performed over a single link in both Line-of-sight (LOS) and Non-LOS (NLOS) indoor environments. From these measurements, an adaptive configuration selection(More)