David González-Tapia

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The simple cerebellar lobule is involved in several neuromotor processes and it is activated during guided exercise. Although guided exercises are essential for motor rehabilitation, the plastic events that occur in the simple cerebellar lobule during motor training remain unknown. In this study, normal adult rats were intensely trained on a motorized(More)
Cognitive impairment or its recovery has been associated with the absence or reestablishment of estrogenic actions in the central nervous system of female experimental animals or women. It has been proposed that these cognitive phenomena are related to estrogen-mediated modulatory activity of synaptic transmission in brain structures involved in cognitive(More)
Working memory is a cognitive ability chiefly organized by the prefrontal cortex. Working memory tests may be resolved based on allocentric or egocentric spatial strategies. Serotonergic neurotransmission is closely involved in working memory, but its role in spatial strategies for working memory performance is unknown. To address this issue, prefrontal(More)
Estradiol-induced plasticity involves changes in dendritic spine density and in the relative proportions of the different dendritic spine types that influence neurons and neural circuits. Such events affect brain structures that control the timing of neuroendocrine and behavioral processes, influencing both reproductive and cognitive functions during the(More)
PURPOSE The presynaptic stimulatory activity of parallel fibers on the dendritic spines of cerebellar Purkinje cells (PC) has a strong influence on the organization of motor learning. Motor learning has been shown to modify the synapses established on PC dendritic spines but the plastic changes of the different spine types, possibly underlying motor(More)
The prefrontal cortex participates in the rectification of information related to motor activity that favors motor learning. Dendritic spine plasticity is involved in the modifications of motor patterns that underlie both motor activity and motor learning. To study this association in more detail, adult male rats were trained over six days in an acrobatic(More)
Rehabilitation is a process which favors recovery after brain damage involving motor systems, and neural plasticity is the only real resource the brain has for inducing neurobiological events in order to bring about re-adaptation. Rats were placed on a treadmill and made to walk, in different groups, at different velocities and with varying degrees of(More)
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