David Goldbaum

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Using a unique dataset of survey expectations, this paper examines the extent to which the classical fundamentalist – chartist dichotomy is valid for the foreign exchange market. By applying a recursive selection algorithm 1) respondents are classified into the two groups, and 2) the forecasting models are endogenously determined within the groups. We find(More)
The activity of passive content consumers on social media sites is typically difficult to measure. This paper explores the activity of a subset of such consumers by looking at the influence on Wikipedia pageviews of one large Reddit community which frequently links to Wikipedia articles. The subreddit used in this analysis, /r/todayilearned (TIL), features(More)
In the Service Web, customers' feedback constitutes a substantial component of Web Service reputation and trustworthiness, which in turn impacts the service uptake by consumers in the future. This paper presents an approach to assess and predict reputation in service-oriented environments. For assessing a Web Service reputation, we define reputation key(More)
A dynamic model of financial markets with learning and adoption is demonstrated to produce episodes of market failure. Traders engage in learning to improve their understanding of the relationship between observed prices and future payoffs. Traders also choose which strategy to employ, one based on fundamental research or one based on extracting information(More)
Traders endogenously select an information source to maximized expected profits. Those traders selecting to use fundamental information receive a noisy indicator of next period's dividend and construct a portfolio to maximize expected utility. The other option is to employ a technical trading rule. Due to the noise in the fundamental signal, optimal(More)
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