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A desmoplastic primary cerebral neuroblastoma originating in the frontal lobe of a boy who died at the age of 6 years contained dense core vesicles within the cytoplasm of neoplastic cells as evidence of neuronal differentiation. Sarcomatous transformation had occurred at the time of recurrence. At autopsy, he also had cerebrospinal and extraneural(More)
Correlative calculations as to the circumference of the neck in age-conformingly developed children have revealed that neck circumference exhibits the best correlations to body weight, followed by body surface, body height, age and cervical skin thickness. The graph of the 50. percentile demonstrates sex-different course with single discontinuities of(More)
This paper describes a complex method of collecting objective data to be used in the diagnosis of neuroses on the basis of clinical, experimental psychological, and objective psychophysiological parameters. The data collected was processsed using the methods of factor and discriminatory analysis. The results obtained clearly show that this approach to(More)
Whereas the morphology of malignant neoplastia is well known, exact information on the natural history of cancer is lacking. Some hints in this direction can be gained from detailed observations of the course of disease and from correlations between duration of history and prognosis. In the literature, views on the dependence of prognosis on duration of(More)
A report is given about the value of the active large removing of tumour-tissue in cases of advanced ovarian cancers (89 patients suffering an ovarian in the stage T3/T4M1 in the time from 1970 to 1975). The survival chances of the 49 patients in which it was possible to remove greatest parts of the tumours, was nearly 20 per cent better than in 38 patients(More)
A total of ninety women classified into three groups (with cardiovascular, depressive, and other principal symptoms) according to clinical criteria were characterized by clinico-anamnestic, psychological, and psychophysiological data with the goal of arriving at a practically oriented differentiation of neurotic syndromes. The relevant variables were(More)
Psychometric performance parameters and the critical flicker-fusion frequency are studied in various groups and in patients with chronic cerebral circulation trouble. Test d2 proves to be effective in the measuring of such impaired performance. There is a higher degree of correlation with Paul's addition test. A correlation between the performance(More)
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