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Newborn rat pups exhibit oral appetitive behaviors when presented with an artificial nipple. These behaviors include mouthing and licking movements and expression of stereotyped oral grasp response. Caesarean-delivered pups show increased responding to the nipple over the first 5 h after birth that is independent of experience with the nipple. Mimicking(More)
OBJECTIVES The specific objectives were to investigate changes in the prevalence of psychotropic medication use for each year increase in age from three to six years old among children in foster care and to examine time-varying odds of longer duration of use by each year of age. METHODS A retrospective analysis of data on mental health and pharmacy(More)
In the course of postnatal development, the motor sequence executed by pups in order to attach to the dam's nipple undergoes extensive changes. During the 1st postnatal week, the pup performs a rotation along the longitudinal axis of its trunk to achieve a supine posture under the mother. The pup then crawls on the maternal ventrum while in the supine(More)
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